You have the freedom to change your attitude at any time

Jerry Long was 17 when the accident occurred.

Paralyzed from his neck down. Quadriplegic.

“I broke my neck, it didn’t break me.”

His attitude says everything.
– Enrolled psychology –> Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
– Believed that through his handicap he will only enhance his ability to help others
– Saw his life as being full of meaning and purpose
– He knew that without suffering he could never have grown and achieved what he did
– 1993, was recognized on a national scale in the United States as he was named “Teacher of the Year” 

Jerry L. Long (mid)

Meaning can be found in many ways, even through suffering.

If you can’t change a situation that causes your suffering, then change your attitude towards it.

You have the freedom to change at any time.

“Once, after speaking to a large audience, I was asked if I ever felt sad because I could no longer walk. I replied, “Professor Frankl can hardly see, I cannot walk at all, and many of you can hardly cope with life. What is crucial to remember is this – We don’t need just our eyes, just our legs, or just our minds. All we need are the wings of our souls and together we can fly.” – Jerry L. Long