Do not do business with people you can’t respect.
Do not spend time with people you can’t respect.
Do not focus your time and energy on short-term comfort.
Do not live your life by other people’s standard.

Do not do what ‘they’ say.
Do not live in your comfort zone.
Do not play status games.
Do not play zero-sum games.
Do not rent out your time.
Do not partner with pessimists.
Do not waste your life by chasing to impress your parents.
Do not read business magazines as there is no skill called ‘business’.
Do not take business classes.
Do not do ‘coffee’.
Do not fall for ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.
Do not believe that becoming wealthy is what you are seeking.
Do not distract yourself.
Do not wait for luck to find you.
Do not do business networking (waste of time).
Do not talk a lot about yourself.
Do not believe people who tell you how honest they are.
Do not do things you are not proud of.
Do not try to find a shortcut to smart.
Do not let them package you (‘Democrat’, ‘red’, ‘left’, ‘…’)