Use Gamification to get through Life-Challenges

In uncertain times we need certainity. In insane times we need sanity.

Whenever I get asked how I go through life in those insane and uncertain times, my answer is:

“I see life as a game with many levels and challenges.”


So, whenever there is a new injustice (for example: restrictions or rules that do not make any sense from our lovely governments), then I tell myself “Okay, so that’s your new challenge for us – let’s figure out how to deal with it and make it a victory of mine.”

Life has many such challenges ready for you.

So, I literally take it as a game. As a challenge. The higher the challenge, the more I can grow.

And there is always a solution. Always.

There is always a work-around. Those who made the rules, they thought also for themselves and they always think of exceptions and allow a glitch in the system. It’s just that you have to find it.

There are always exceptions, special rules and special ways to not do what the majority does.

So, how you deal with the situation is more important than the situation itself.

If you see yourself as a prisoner and you lose faith in the future, then your future is lost. If you lose your belief, then you are lost. Then it is just a matter of time until you die also physically.

Because what you believe is your reality. So, use that to make it a good one.

Your body is all the time listening to your thoughts and what you tell your self.

If you still have courage and hope, then it will boost your immunity of your body.

If you lose courage and hope, then it can have deadly effects.

Attitude decides if you succeed

There will be many challenges and opportunities in your life, and either you ignore the challenge and just give up (what majority of people do), or you make the chance for a new experience in your life to grow and to make it a victory.

You give yourself inner strength if you have a goal, a purpose, a deeper meaning.

Just something you look forward to.

If you have nothing to look forward to, you have no reason to live.

It’s the same in business. My duty as a CEO is to help my people to make sense of their work. So they can really make an impact. And when it gets turbulent and overwhelming, then I’m there for them to see the challenges and opportunities and to grow together.

Don’t focus on the negativity of trivial things

You have really to remove your TV and bring media consumption down to 0. If you read daily about all the negative stuff out there, you will focus just on those trivial things and at some point you will just feel disgusted that you are focusing your life and energy on such non-sense.

Negativity will drag you down and it’s hard to get out of it.

And media is 99% negativity, fear and propaganda.

There is nothing good coming from them.

Instead focus your thoughts on how to get through the challenge.

  • Imagine that you already succeeded
  • Imagine it’s already over
  • Imagine how you look when you made it
  • Rise above the current situation
  • Observe your thoughts
  • Imagine how and what you do to succeed

There is a strong connection between your mind and your body.

If you have a strong meaning for your life, if you have courage and hope – then you’ll get through any challenge that life has for you.