A way to find yourself

Being yourself is a journey of getting to know your real self.

It takes a continuous effort to learn more about who you are and even more effort to just being yourself.

Because other people have expectations of who you are and who you should be.

Society expects you to be the way you fit in that system. To act in ‘their way’.

So even if you get to know yourself, it’s a daily battle.

What happens to us when we are young, becomes us when we are older.

Therefore we have to understand the young boy or girl we have inside.

To be yourself means to explore also your childhood traumas.

To identify what makes you behave the way you do.

And to understand that we have the power to change who we are.

We have the power to understand our trauma, accept it and stop using it as an excuse.

So, if we deal with what happened to us.

Talk to people we trust.

Ask for apologies from people who did harm us.

We will find peace.

That’s one small part and a good way to start to find yourself.

Spend more time making the big decisions.

  • There are three really big decisions you make in your early life:
    • where you live
    • who you’re living with
    • what you do

Choose wisely, because that’s also part of your identity.

You are not what you say you’ll do.
You are not what happens to you.

You are what you choose to become.
You are what you actually do.
You are your actions.

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