Path to become You

Answer the three big questions in your life:
– Where do you want to live?
– With whom do you want to live?
– What do you want to do?

Take your time to do so – probably at least 1-2 years.

To become “it” you have to:

1) You read about it.
2) You accept it.
3) You know it.
4) You understand it.
5) You explain it.
6) You feel it.
7) You are it.

What you do + with whom = You.

You are a combination of the people you spend the most time with and your habits.

You + it = the final You.

  1. Answer the three big life questions
  2. Take actions (from 1-7)
  3. What you do and with whom

2 Comments Path to become You

  1. Flutura

    Hi loved the blog,I have some questions if I may ask😃 When was the first time you discovered yourself and your purpose? Which was the book that changed your life? Also did you go to seminars and if yes who did you listen to?
    Thank you for your time and please keep posting more and more because they are very inspiring!

    1. Valon

      Hi Flutura, thank you for the feedback! Not sure when the first time was, because it’s a process of awareness. But it started for me around 10 years ago.
      Regarding books, there are many that have changed me and opened my eyes. For sure ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘The Charge’ from Brendon Burchard are great books to start with.

      A seminar I went to 10 years ago from Brian Tracy was also an eye-opener including his book “Eat That Frog”.
      Thanks a lot, I will keep sharing my experience 🙂

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