Truth and (Self)-Love Challenge

Have you ever tried to just say the truth – no matter what?

Have you ever tried to respond only with love – no matter what?

It’s an experience you want to experience.

Saying the truth and responding with love – is actually self-love.

You know you deserve to say the truth.

And you know you deserve to give love without expecting it.

I challenge you to challenge yourself:

  • One full week of only full truth.
  • No lies. No white lies. No half-truths. No matter what.
  • Whatever someone says to you, answer with love.
  • Whatever someone says to you, be the kindest version you can be.
  • Of course, you’ll not let someone hurt you, there are borders, but don’t respond with hate, don’t attack back, don’t react – just let them be and just respond with love. That’s it.

And experience what happens in your life – how everything starts to change. For the better.

Maybe first for the worse, because people can’t handle your truth.

Maybe some people will be hurt, but they will respect you for standing to your truth.

Maybe some people can’t handle your love and kind way.

That’s normal, they are not used to get love in response. But do not let that bring you down.

Keep being kind, being being lovely – not in a fake way, but in a real way.

It takes some time to get used to it for you, too.

But you can definitely do it.

Give it a try and see how your world starts changing.

Love & Truth – the only path.