The 7 Principles of the Universe

#1 Mentalism
The Universe is Mental, meaning it is coming from the Mind of ‘the All’ (the Creator).

#2 Correspondence
As above, so below; as below, so above – meaning that there is always correspondence between all the laws and levels/dimensions of life and being.

#3 Vibration
Nothing in the universe ever rests, everything always moves, everything therefore vibrates. We’re made out of Vibration.

#4 Polarity
Everything in the universe is dual.
Everything has poles and a pair of opposites.

And now the interesting part: Everything is the same:
– Like and unlike are the same
–> Opposites are identical in their nature, just different in their degree. (Example: Warm & Cold are the same “thing”, just differentiate in their degree when measuring)

#5 Rhythm
We know anything that goes up, most come down at some point.
Everything flows, up and down, in and out, rise and fall.

Imagine the pendulum-swing – everything works like that.
You feel great and then go to a lower mood to feel better later again. Left-right-left-right.

#6 Cause and Effect
Every cause has its effect.
And every effect has its cause.
Nothing can escape this law, therefore nothing is by “coincidence”.

#7 Gender
Everything in the universe has its masculine and feminine principle, so Gender is in everything (except some people who declare they don’t).

From: The Kybalion