The point when it’s just the same

Sometimes you fight so much for something or someone, that you reach a point when anything and everything becomes ‘the same’.

The same in the sense that it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter to you if you get it or not.

It doesn’t matter if that deal gets done or not.

It doesn’t matter if that person loves you back or not.

Why is that?

Because there is a peak, it’s just reaching the point of not caring.

It’s the point when the outcome doesn’t matter.

The point when it’s just the same – if it happens or not.

It’s not the negative ‘point of not caring’, because that person gave up in life.

It’s more like the ‘point of not caring’ where you know your value and you just can’t force people to see things the way you see them. And that’s okay because probably they tried to make you see it their way – and you didn’t.

Also, it’s more like the point when it’s not just that you don’t care, but more like you just can’t care anymore.

It’s like the care limit has been reached. If there’s such thing.

It’s also finding peace.

Just reaching the point where you don’t have the need to please anyone or to impress anyone.

It doesn’t matter if ‘they’ (whoever) like you or not.

It’s the same.

Caring too much is waste of time and energy

Especially when it comes to unimportant things – you should not waste your time and energy.

You want to be prepared for certain life events, that’s fine.

But you don’t want to overthink them, that’s counterproductive.

Don’t care about what is out of your control – you can’t change it anyway, so why bother?!

  • Do not care about what will not matter to you in let’s say 5 years.
  • Many small things such as annoying drivers, too many emails or some stupid rules or things will not matter in the long run, so don’t waste your energy to care about those things at all.

But that’s not the point of this article.

I just had to share it, so you won’t bother about the small things. These are annoying. And you are, if you do.

The point is:

  • You’ll reach the point of not caring for things or people at some point in your life, accept it and move on.
  • It’s actually a great feeling, because it means you regain control of your own value.
  • And it means you are at the level where you are not seeking the approval of anyone.

It’s the first step to true freedom.