Clean up and focus

Make sure you clean up things once in a while.

Start with small things:

  • Clean your desk
  • Clean your room
  • Clean your desktop (docs & software)
  • Clean your smartphone (apps)
  • Clean your car & throw away the old bottles

Then continue with:

  • Your tasks – maybe there is some old stuff you just put in “done”
  • Your daily routines
  • Your projects and assignments
  • Your quarterly goals
  • Your company & career
  • Your mission and vision

Eliminate whatever isn’t bringing value or pushing you towards your goals.

We all tend to lose focus and get enthusiastic about new stuff, new projects, new books, … and forget what we were working on in the first place.

And if you get there, then start also cleaning up your mind.

Just do nothing. Meditate.

Breath in and out – and you start cleaning your mind from useless thoughts.

Get back on track.
Clean up.

It’s all those extra things – no matter how small – that stop us from progress.

It’s all those things that don’t matter, that slow down overall progress.

Clean up and focus.

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