Designed to win – programmed to fail.

We are designed to win, but we are programmed to fail.

Our nature is to win, to grow, to evolve, to win. We are designed that way, we are created to win.

We will win, but we really need to beat the programming, and the way to go is to reprogram ourselves.

And one simple rule to reprogram your mind:

  • You know what does good to you -> Do it.
  • You know what does bad to you -> Don’t do it.

That’s it, reprogram yourself with that learning every day:

Say it 11 times each morning:

  1. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  2. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  3. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  4. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  5. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  6. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  7. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  8. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  9. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  10. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.
  11. I know what’s good for me, I do it. I know what’s bad for me, I don’t do it.

You’re not sure what’s good or bad for you? Feeling is the secret.

Do what does you good. Say it. Do it.

Why not eating a Croissant every morning can change your life

Does it matter if you eat that croissant each morning? Does that croissant each morning matter to get a great body, a healthy mind – and maybe somehow for your business to thrive sooner or your career to take off? Would you become a better person in any way? Is the croissant somehow connected to your personal and business success? 

Yes, it is.

Because everything is connected.

Everything. Is. Connected.

What does it mean to eat the croissant in the morning?

– Eating that croissant means starting the day in a place where there is 99% unhealthy food (“Don’t go into the candy shop if you don’t want to eat candy”) – and starting the day around people who mostly just drink coffee all day – and are living in their own comfort zone – or don’t work/create at all.

-> And that again means to build that easy coffee culture yourself and not be consistent, growing or productive, instead making coffee culture your own bad habit.

-> And eating that croissant will add a high amount of fats and calories – about 15-20g of pure fat, of 280 Calories every single day. That’s about 8 ‘400 calories per month.

-> And while we are doing bad habits, we are okay to do more bad habits such as being okay to eat a chocolate croissant now and then (400+ calories, more fat + sugar).

-> And when we allow ourselves to eat a chocolate croissant, we also allow ourselves to eat a piece of cake, some M&Ms or a Snickers (more calories, more sugar, more fat)

-> But what’s worse, because we eat that croissant in the morning -> it means to be okay to break your fasting earlier and not get to 14-16 hours which then can push fat burning.

-> And that breaking of the fasting has many negative effects, because it means to not enjoy all the effects of fasting such as higher brain activity, weight loss, possible cancer prevention, increased productivity, better heart, burning fat, reduction of inflammation, and more…

-> That means we are also less motivated to do our workout, which again would have many more positive effects. We might do it or not, but probably less motivated and less intense. It would just matter less, as we consciously choose to eat a pain au chocolat that day.

-> And the negative impact of that croissant to breaking the fasting – leads then to slower progress in workouts, losing weight – and therefore in slower progress of becoming our best version.

-> And because we don’t get the higher brain activity, and have less energy overall, we are less productive and less focused.

-> Less energy, less productivity, less output, less focus, less will power, and finally less self-love. Never going all in to become our best version.

And all that leads to procrastinating and pushing away our best self. It means we never allow ourselves to see our full potential. Our best version. Our strongest version. We never get there, we never allow it to happen.

Finally, all it says is that we just don’t have enough self love. Not enough self respect. We don’t think we are worthy to be the best we can be.

Pushing away our best selves is pushing away ourselves.

1 step in the wrong direction, needs another two steps in the right direction, to just make 1 step in the right direction.

1 bad thing can create a cycle of bad things.

1 bad habit can create a cycle of bad habits.

1 cigarette leads to 100 bad things.

1 pushup leads to 100 good things.

Choosing to not eat that croissant can and will change your life, because it’s all connected.

Remember who you are and most importantly, who you are not

But… but it’s hard to know who I am.
…and I am trying to figure out for a while now.

What did help you to find your true colors?

Let me answer with another question: why are many people lost in self-discovery?  

We were “never” supposed to be authentic and know how to live our best lives, that was reserved only for some selected people. The “only way” they want you to learn about yourself is through suffering: 

  • Everyone is important but you
  • Accept and love your family even if it‘s at the cost of your health/sanity
  • Tolerate friends and colleagues who take more than they give to you
  • Love partners unconditionally because “no one is perfect” and “who do you think you are to be an exception”
  • Run the 9-5 rat race in the same cubicle for years and years and be ‘grateful’ for “stability and security”

Do you understand why that is the case? Do you feel the constant brainwashing to live mediocre lives? ..and do you see the suffering as a “mandatory” or “normal” part of self-discovery?


I understand. And, I understood this for many years now. And, I’ve also chosen to escape the rat race. The system. The matrix. Call it whatever you want. I decided “that’s not for me.”

Exactly, it has been and will always be unacceptable to me. This programming has caused many confused people, really feeling lost and dead inside. 

What really helped me:

  • Firstly, curiosity, intuition and self reflection taught me everything.
  • Asking WHY and reflecting on how I FEEL when the world is trying to convince me who to be, what to think and feel.
  • I keep it simple – it’s usually good or bad feeling, but I trust myself no matter what “the science says”.
Excellent short book is “Feeling is the secret”, by Neville Goddard.
  • Secondly, assessing environment and people running mentioned agenda on autopilot.
  • Accepting who they are, but mindfully detaching and distancing from them to create the space for those who are on the same frequency and will help you discover your best self, not the worst.

This unfortunately includes family members, childhood friends and long lasting relationships that seem ‘just ok’. Switching off social media and living real life, privately, without the need to prove anything to anyone. I firmly believe wrong environment and people horribly sabotage your self-discovery.

  • Thirdly, to be super concrete (and lighthearted after difficult ones), travelling, working and volunteering remotely in the ugliest and most beautiful places.
  • To see life through eyes of different people, generations, cultures, poorest and richest so I don’t have to learn on my own mistakes.
  • Also, dedicating to understanding spirituality (not religion) as much as possible, from astrology to basic spiritual powers i.e. intuition.

I understand, so I’d definitely need to distance myself intentionally on consistent basis. Practice solitude, go on spiritual retreats to introspect, channel hidden/repressed emotions and nurture myself. That’s the key to my self-discovery. So, I can support and help others, but only those that actually help themselves first.

And, only after I have sufficient resources to pour from my own cup.

Yes, exactly, because you’ve seen how quickly that cup empties when one is surrounded by the wrong people… It’s never enough!

I’ll keep asking myself, what helped me so far in my journey, and what did not help me. What environment and people make me feel at best? At worst?

Trusting self and intuition can be helpful. However, that can sound ‘intangible and less practical’ for many people so I always advise to start with self-respect. “If I were a person that at least respected myself, would I allow xyz…” Respect builds trust, trust builds love.

Self-respect & Self-Love.

Break the pact – you are worthy!

All of us made at some point in our lives a pact to not let ourselves win.

Whenever we were close to victory instead of winning, we have chosen to use self-sabotage, to turn against ourselves.

We do it daily, there are so many examples:

  • Smoking, so we destroy our health
  • Starting to workout, only to stop again and again
  • Reading a book and never finishing it
  • Starting a project and never finishing it
  • Getting into a lovely relationship and then self-sabotaging it and destroying the relationship
  • Over-eating and becoming fat
  • Working hard for our career to finally making the wrong move

The list is endless.

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🏆 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐰𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 the 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐨𝐧 Shaban Tërstena?

  • 🏆 He has won 715 matches out of 741 fights. (96.5%)
  • 🏆 He won the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in 🇺🇸 Los Angeles
  • 🏆 Still to this day the youngest to win any wrestling gold at the Olympics (being only 19 years of age at the Los Angeles Olympics)
  • 🏆 He participated in 42 tournaments in the world winning 30 gold medals, the remainder being silver and bronze.
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Average & mediocre are the enemies of GREAT!

“There is no shortage of success.”

Disciplined, consistent and persistent actions are needed in the creation of successs in anything we do. So we have to take massive action and not just be ‘the average guy’ if we really want to succeed in life.

Or have you ever heard of the average guy with average effort and average work, who had really success in life? To most people average life sounds okay, but….

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