You must be the master of your own kingdom

If you don’t own something, you’re not the boss.

You gotta own things. With your eyes and heart fully open.

And by things I don’t mean physical things, but whatever there is to own.

Own a project, own a task, own a book, own yourself.

You have to repeat it to yourself.

Own your life.

And maybe bring it to the next level:

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

Understand the game of life

  • The system is to make you feel bad about something.
  • That’s how they sell you something “better”.
  • To make you then feel better about yourself.
  • So, no matter if you really felt bad or not, there is always something they will make you feel bad about.
  • So you think you have to change something to be “good again”.
  • And this circle runs your whole life.

You are part of the life game, understand the life game, accept the rules and know how to play ‘Life’.

I want that you own your life and that’s how you win the life’s game.

There are two identities:

  • Who you think you are
  • What people expect you to be

The struggle between a) your own desires, who you truly are and b) other people’s perception of you.

Ongoing battle: You have to tell yourself who you are.

Read more in ‘The Goal is not‘ and ‘I challenge you to be an Athlete!

So either you give up and become what others want you to be.

Or you take the fight and:

  • Return to yourself
  • Discover yourself
  • Take on your own power and your own identity
  • Stand as the person you are

And the only way to become who you truly are, is by owning your life.

By taking responsibility for your actions.

By being a reliable human being.

By owning your words.

By being who you think you are.

By being who you say you are.

By being you.

War is hell, but war is also a brutal teacher.