How do you fill your calendar?

Every day we make choices.
These are 4,680 weeks = dots.

Where do you stand right now?
I stand at 1770 weeks.


Every choice we make = has its own opportunity cost.


  • Choosing one career is not choosing a dozen others.
  • Choosing to work on a startup with a Unicorn potential means a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity vs. working for fast money (which most choose).
  • Choosing one partner means not choosing any other partner (out of millions potentially – who’s the “right” one?)
  • Choosing to do something today – means not doing many other things.

These daily choices become weekly choices, become the 4’680 weeks/dots = Your life.

So, how do you fill your calendar?

What should you change?

What will you do differently?

If you want to know where you stand, use and put in your birthday and today. And you’ll see the years, months, weeks, days and even minutes and seconds of your life.

Now you decide how to move on.

Wish you a good life.

Make it worth it.