Love is the goal to aspire

Imagine they take away everything from you.

You have nothing.


No free will.

Nowhere to go.

No solutions in sight.

What’s left that they can’t take?

What’s left that still gives you energy and hope?

There is only one right answer, and it’s love.

It’s the ultimate and final thing that isn’t a thing that a man wants, needs, and fights for.

It is the highest we can achieve. To love and to be loved.

A person who has nothing in this world, but has love, has everything.

A person who has everything in this world, but no love, has nothing.

Love is a universal language.

Love connects beyond the physical body.

Love connects beyond this existence and to another world.

If you find love, you find the deepest meaning.

You find your inner self.

If there is a purpose, and you strive for it, you will find it.

And if there is only one thing that no one can take away from you, then it’s love, your purpose, and your inner self.

1 Comment Love is the goal to aspire

  1. Kiki tG

    We can’t find love.
    We are love.
    What we need to ‘find’ is the understanding of this – that we are love.
    Namaste 😀

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