Get your shit together – that’s all.

Life is too amazing to be tired of it. So get your shit together. There’s so much we can do, but we have first to get the basics right and remind ourselves what those are.

  • Daily: Invest in your health (workout, fasting and diet)
  • Daily: Invest in your mind (reading books & meditate)
  • Long-term: Build your empire (passive income via real estate, a good portfolio, and active income on something that excited you to build)
  • Long-term: Good relationships with family and friends
  • One-time: Own your house/apartment/car
    • Always: No debt, have cash reserves.

That’s it.


  • Do the work. 8h daily. That’s it. But do it. No social media. No talking. Just put in daily the work.
  • Don’t get too comfortable.
  • Don’t tolerate BS from people.
  • Be a winner. No excuses.
  • Know you’re alone, but build your ALL-IN people.
  • No rewards without taking risks.
  • Everybody is scared, still do it.
  • Play long-term games with long-term people.
  • Be loyal, fair, good, respectful.

To win, enjoy the experience, be excited.

Sounds easy? 99% of the people don’t have their shit together.