Average & mediocre are the enemies of GREAT!

“There is no shortage of success.”

Disciplined, consistent and persistent actions are needed in the creation of successs in anything we do. So we have to take massive action and not just be ‘the average guy’ if we really want to succeed in life.

Or have you ever heard of the average guy with average effort and average work, who had really success in life? To most people average life sounds okay, but….

Imagine that the products and services we’re often tempted to buy used “average” in their advertising:

  • “This fairly average product can be found at an average price and delivers mediocre results”.
  • “We are offering cooking classes that will guarantee that you beccome an average cook.”
  • “New movie opening this weekend – average director, average acting, and the cirtics are raving, ‘two hours of average action.'” – Oh I can’t wait to stand in line to watch this movie!!

Same is for people, if you do nothing, you will achieve nothing. If you do average work and you are taking just average and mediocre action – this will lead to normal results at best. Nothing special, nothing that lasts.

Great example: Children

They’re in constant action, except when something is wrong. Watch any healthy child, and you will see that it is not normal human behavior to retreat but rather to advance and conquer.

You will know you are stepping into the realm of massive action when you get into new challenges and other people start warning you. Stay strong.

Average is a failing formula

Look around and you will see that most people and the world around are just average. The average worker reads an average of less than one book a year and works 37.5h per week.

The same average worker makes 319 times less money than the TOP CEO’s, who claim to read 60 books a year.

“Don’t think average, think massive!”

Average is the reason why most companies fail

People optimistically overestimate how well things will go and then underestimate how much energy and effort it will take just to push things through.

Only if you prepare for massive, persistent action, if you think massive, you will win.

Average never yields anything more than average and usually much less.

Source: The 10x RULE (The only difference between success and failure) by Grant Cardone.