The most entertaining outcome is the the most likely one

Yes, fully agree, but why?

Because people want it to happen. People want to be entertained. They want the thrill, the scandals, they want to feel alive through that most entertaining outcome.

That’s why Social Media is programmed to show the content which most people like as the most entertaining content.

The algorithm puts content viral that people see as most entertaining.

The rest dies unseen.

Because that’s what we want: to be entertained and to see the most entertaining outcome happen.

And just because of that it also why it most likely is the one that will happen.

It’s deeply rooted in our human collective consciousness: To be entertained, as we ‘hate’ the boring life.

And Social Media ‘got it’ and shows exactly that to us. So it’s not the fault of the big platforms that we see stupid videos all the time, it’s because we want to see it. That’s the level of human consciousness. Congrats!