Simplify your life

  • Less is more
  • Declutter your closet
  • Unfollow all the beauty brands/trendsetters/”Influencers” who tell you what to buy
  • Remove anything in the house that you didn’t use in the last 12 months
  • Follow a quick morning routine
  • Automate what can be automated: Monthly orders, monthly payments (electricity, Internet, Water, etc.)

List of things you can do just once a while, and not every day/week/month:

  1. Pay Internet/Phone/TV for a 1 year or even 2 years.
  2. Pay Water Bill for 1 year (just overpay 12x months)
  3. Pay Electricity for 1 year – just calculate what you spend average of x12
  4. Pay Subscriptions that you are sure you will use, for 1 year (save X% and no monthly bill)
  5. Buy groceries online once a month with a list + reminder
  6. E-Banking: Check for transactions that you do every month –> Automate them.
  7. Sport: Pre-book for a whole year on the same day. No need to reserve all the time again and again + you go to use it
  8. Lunch/Dinner: Order a Healthy food subscription
  9. Cloths: Use identical socks/clothing/colours and buy them online –> Easy to choose what to wear, don’t waste time. Same style.
  10. In general: Automate, delegate, outsource, …
Work / Productivity:
  • Unsubscribe from emails
  • Work remotely –> Better Work-Life Balance
  • Focus on Mastering 1-2 skills that only you know by creating specific knowledge
  • No TV: No time wasting
  • Remove Smartphone & Social Media (at least remove the apps from your smartphone and set time blockers)
  • –> Read instead books
  • Healthy Grocery List: Weekly / Monthly Orders (online)
  • Plan & do workouts + subscribe to a weekly class (group) + keep a daily Habit Tracker
  • At Home: No sweets, no chips, no chocolate, no sugar drinks – NO exceptions

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