You are not the master, mind! I am the mastermind.

You are not your mind. Your mind is a tool. It should serve you. And not control you.

You are the master. So whenever it interferes, tell yourself:

“You are not the master, mind! I am the mastermind.”

Valon Asani – 26.11.2022

Whenever my mind is interfering, I tell myself exactly that: “You are not the master, mind!” … “I – my higher self – am the mastermind” (meaning the master over my mind” – And it makes perfectly sense to me.

And more important: it works. I can separate myself from “the mind”. I can let go of it. I learned this way to not identify with it.

Why I quote myself as the author of this is because I can’t find anyone else who said this before. While I use this during my meditation as it helps to calm the mind.

Google shows no results for that quote. So with humbleness I claim this quote. 🙂

Google Search (26.11.2022)