Try me!

This post is to remind me and you, that we just have to “keep going”.

Our hardest times often lead us to our greatest moments in life.

We really don’t know how strong we are, until being strong is the only option we have.

Hard times will create strong people.

Strong people learn to go through tough situations.

  • because it’s basically their only choice they have (cause giving up isn’t really a choice)
  • and we all remember tough times from the past
  • and we all know they are soon the past, as long as we keep going through them

No matter how long they last – at some point it will be over.

And when it’s over – it’s better.

So once the hard time is over – what’s left is:

  • A lesson learned
  • A strong person who decided to keep going
  • A person who knows that it’s worth fighting
  • A person who is proud to have gone through ‘shit’ and still had a positive attitude
  • Strong confidence, that you can work through – no matter what.

This is how:

  • Acknowledge your inner strength
  • Remember times when you went through hard times
  • Take care of yourself and make it a priority
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Take Action
  • Stay agile and flexible – 11 out of 13 ways work, not just that one way you might think
  • Look for new opportunities, because if one door closes, another three open
  • Be grateful, because you should be happy with where you are before getting to the next level
  • Reflect on the process and what you have learned so far
  • Ask for support, talk to friends you trust

And last but not least, what helps me always:

Life is a game, so I don’t say: “Why me?!”, but “Try me!”