I challenge you to be an Athlete!

Actually, I don’t!

Because if you start this as a challenge, you will most probably fail.

Because that’s not the way how habits are built (ask James Clear…)

But it still worked for me.

Because some part of it was enough to keep me going.


  1. You have to believe it to become it.
  2. You have to make it you.
  3. Your identity.

So, I said to myself – “I AM AN ATHLETE!”

And that was the name of the challenge where I invited some friends.

I got first invited to a one week challenge to do 1’500 Pushups – and from 15 people who took part, 7 finished it, so I sent to them this email:

“Congratulations on the great results in the first challenge.

Now it is time for the REAL challenge.

Push-Up and Sit-Up Challenge


Achieve a total of 10’000 (1’500 + 8’500) Push-Ups by 09.09.!
Achieve 5’000 Sit-Ups by 09.09.!”

So, one way to build a habit – invite a bunch of your friends to a challenge, share it in a simple Google sheet as we did:
  • So, what started with 15 people
  • went on with 5
  • and now (end of August 2021), we’re just two who are still in: Maxi and I.
PU Challenge

PU & SU Challenge

But at this point, the challenge doesn’t matter at all.

What works is:

  • Organize in groups
  • Make it obvious and track your habits
  • Share your results

I’ve built a new habit after 5 weeks of doing it daily.

  • After over 6’000 Pushups
  • After over 2’500 Situps

It’s now part of me.

I’m an Athlete!

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