Startups can’t escape reality

When you work on a project or startup.

What really counts are two things:
1) A plan of what you want to do.
2) Taking action and implementation of that plan.

When people want to become healthy and work out, suddenly they change this behavior and focus more on “motivation”, “desire” and “pushing themselves to do it”.


What you need to build habits (work out), is the exact same way as building your startup:

1) A plan
2) Real-world action

Define WHAT you are going to do WHEN.
Write it down.

Focus on working and executing your plan as fast as you can.

Because reality will hit you.

At some point – you just can’t escape reality anymore.

Building your startup or a new product is just the same as anything else in life – it needs action and a sense of urgency.

Whatever you think you are doing around the product such as marketing campaigns, a great logo or brand awareness, amazing content, and even growth hacking – nothing matters.

Because you have to face reality when it comes to your product and startup.

Marketing doesn’t matter if the users don’t like and don’t need your product.

The sooner you get the real feedback the better.

The sooner you launch the better.


  • You can’t escape real user feedback.
  • You can’t fake product-market fit.
  • You have to face reality.

You either hit it or it hits you.

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