When you find your love

Finding your love is finding yourself. It’s finding your path and a person that really gets you, because you get that person, because it’s you.

Sounds weird? You’ll know when you get there, but let me try explaining:

Are you being true to yourself? Honest? Probably not.

Do you feel bad? Good or even great? Whatever and however you feel, that’s okay, because that’s where you are right now in your life.

  • If you feel great about your relationship, then that means you’re with the ‘right’ person, because that person is a mirror of yourself. Of who you are.
  • If you feel bad about your relationship, then that’s also okay, and you’re also with the ‘right’ person, because again that person is a mirror of you, of who you currently are.
  • Of how you feel inside.

Anything bad that you see in your partner is a mirror of yourself. Anything you struggle with, again a mirror of yourself.

You are angry about their bad habits? It’s because it shows you are weak and actually you most probably lack the same bad habits.

Any conflict is a conflict with yourself. He or she is just a mirror.

The one you truly love is because you truly love yourself while you are with ‘the one’.

If you’re with a toxic person, and you keep staying with that toxic person, it just shows that you yourself are currently in a toxic phase and therefore you stay.

Find yourself and you shall find love.