Everything is connected.

The more we read, the more we can connect the things around us.
Because everything is connected.
What has been seen can’t be unseen.
Now we see how everything is connected.

“My biggest fear is still that maybe we will forget this somehow. That’s why we need systems in place to remind us every day”Eduard Luta
  • “Systems” is the right word.
  • And even more importantly: Environment.
When you read Atomic Habits, you will understand the power of the place we will.

One super interesting example:
– You might think that a drug addict is a drug addict no matter WHERE they live, right?
When the US was in the Vietnam war, around 20%+ of all US Soldiers were Heroin addicts.
When they returned home (US), only 1 in 10 still was an addict to Heroin.
9 of 10 stopped without any therapy, just because the environment changed:
  • Different place, different people, no more war stress, Heroin way more expensive, not as easily accessible as in Vietnam, etc. pp.
  • = 9 out of 10 become clean.

How you design your place (office, apartment, house) is super important to build your systems/habits.
Those habits define who you are.
They define if you are a reader.
And once you become a reader, you will connect the dots.
Because everything is connected.