Social Interactions – because Wellbeing is no solo venture

I know we live in a world, where social distance is the new normal, but I’m not playing that game.

I respect if others want to distance, but I’m not doing social distancing – quite the opposite, I think now we need social interactions more than ever.

What are the Benefits of Social Interaction at work?

  • Social interactions play an essential role in wellbeing
  • A positive impact on employee engagement
  • Social interaction can lead to knowledge exchange and productivity increase
  • Employees who are satisfied with their workplace relationships are likely to be more attached to the company
  • Leaders who encourage social interactions, including social gatherings, will develop more positive relationships with their teams
  • increase self-reported positive feelings at the end of the workday
  • positive social interactions cultivate greater shared experiences
  • increases trust between each other

Overall, being social and caring for each other creates a culture where it’s normal to provide co-workers with help, guidance, feedback and advice. Social interactions help also to ensure everyone in a team is on the same page.

A lack of social interaction:

  • potentially negative consequences in relation to social support
  • creates a sense of isolation
  • is associated with a host of negative health consequences

Building strong ties with co-workers takes time, engagement and being open for each other.

Be social, because Wellbeing is no solo venture.