Listen to Michael Saylor & Lex Fridman about Bitcoin & Inflation – Michael Saylor: Bitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of Money – this Podcast is pure Gold. Gives you a better understanding about Inflation (what’s happening right now), about why to invest in Crypto (Bitcoin & Co.) and what we can expect in the future. Pretty long, but worth every second. Financial education is important, doesn’t matter how much money you have.One key learning:

  • Inflation is way bigger of a problem than most people understand. We pay more money via Inflation than taxes.

Just to give an example:

  • The  US$ lost over 99% of its value within the last 80 years.
  • If someone bought a property worth 100k just 80 years ago, that property would be worth 35Million today
  • If that someone left the same 100k in the bank, it would lose 99% of its worth within the same time


  • Because they print money all the time to finance wars, expansion of power, etc. – and with Tax money that’s not possible. So Government prints it = Hyperinflation.

How does Bitcoin fight Inflation?

  • The nature of deflation in Bitcoin contains two primary rules: There will ever be only a total of 21 million Bitcoins issued. You can’t just print or create more Bitcoins as they can just print more Dollars. Every four years there is a 50% reduction of the Bitcoin reward. So the Bitcoin miners receive for the validation of the blocks 50% less, which increases the value of the Bitcoin itself.

Invest in yourself first so you understand why to invest in Bitcoin & Co.