Realize that you create your life

If we people would realize and fully understand just ONE thing, we’d be doing well instantly:


It’s all your decisions.
It’s all your perspective on life.
It’s all your thoughts, which are creative.

Your thoughts = Your reality.

You can end pain any time.
You can end suffering any time.
You can change your perspective on life any time.

You can say “Yes, I can” any time instead of “I can’t”.

It’s your decision.

Your current situation is fully your decision which comes from your thoughts – consciously and/or sub-consciously.

You’re exactly at this point in your life because of the thoughts you had and therefore you created this life situation. Whatever it is. You made it, it didn’t happen to you. It’s you. Always was and always will be.

So, take responsibility and change (if needed).
You can. You’re the creator of your life.

Realize this and you can have the life you really want and you can stop suffering now.