33 Principles for my 33rd.

#1 – It’s a Wonderful World. Either everything is a wonder, or nothing is. In my world, everything is.

#2 – Reality. I am a hyperrealist who has great dreams, works hard in reality, and is determined to have a successful life.

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#3 – Truth. I am radically honest, open-minded and transparent and look at myself and others objectively from a higher perspective.

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#4 – Action is everything. Ideas are worth nothing, unless backed by massive action. Have patience for results. Once started, I push through till it is completed.

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#5 – Sleep – I will never again underestimate the importance of sleep. 7+h are non-negotiable.

#6 – No Limits – I push my limits. Sacrifice to get what I want if it’s worth it. It’s mandatory for a great life. The very moment I feel most like giving up, is the moment when I have to find the strength to push forward the most!

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#7 – Life is a long-term game. Play life as a long-term game with long-term people. Do not fall for short-term traps and understand 2nd and 3rd order consequences. Life is a short and beautiful game. Enjoy it and don’t take anything for granted.

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#8 – All-In Mindset – Either I do something wholeheartedly while I strongly believe in it and do all I can do to make it happen – or I don’t do it at all. If it gets ugly and hard – I go all in and do it anyway, I will not regret it, because the list of mistakes I can never recover from is very short. I keep my commitment and do whatever it takes with such a dedication that others might label as ‘crazy’.

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#9 – Inspiring Leadership – My main role as a CEO is to lead my team from the state of fear to learning and finally to the growth zone where we all align together in our vision and to achieve our goals while having meaningful work and relationships. I encourage a culture of strong people who understand that world-class begins where our comfort zone ends.

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#10 – Investing – I make investment decisions based on a few factors, such as the community, its (hi)story and the long-term potential, usability and utility of the product. Priority in that order.

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#11 – Sensemaking – I recognize that things make sense in the long run – but it takes time, therefore I always connect my dots and get my learnings. But it’s only possible looking backwards.

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#12 – Trust my gut first – I trust more often than not my gut. That feeling of intuition. It doesn’t let us down. We shouldn’t ignore it.

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#13 – Still Trust Others – Give people a chance. When getting into a new partnership or any kind of relationship start it with trust. Not blindly and not in a stupid way, but give them a chance. Leave mistrust to the lawyers. Trust that it will work out anyway.

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#14 – When Relationships End – Never cut a relationship entirely, if I can also just untie it. It keeps space for whatever is to come yet.

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#15 – Responsibility – I, and alone I – am responsible for what I think. I am ultimately accountable for my thoughts and emotions.

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#16 – Independence – Don’t care to be liked by others, and therefore don’t do things because of what others think. Be independent. Do what I want. Be with whom I want. Live where I want.

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#17 – Work Limits – I do not work with people that I don’t trust or respect. I want meaningful relationships. I want to work with people who want to work with me. With A-level performers who have passion for their work.

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#18 – Work I Want – My responsibility is to help others, to tell the truth, to give honest feedback, to hold others accountable and to work together through disagreements.

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#19 – Simplify & focus – More focus. Fewer things. Pure focus and commitment towards one goal until it is achieved.

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#20 – Progress = Pain + Reflection.

#21 – Mistakes – When I make a mistake, there are only three things I do about it: 1. Admit it, 2. Learn from it, and 3. Don’t repeat it.

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#22 – Work Standards – If I see something below standard and do nothing, I’ve set a new standard. If I see something off-culture and ignore it, I created a new culture. So therefore we always talk openly and communicate the things that are below our standard.

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#23 – Own my Morning. Elevate my Life. – A strong body, therefore I exercise. Wisdom and Happiness, therefore I meditate and keep a journal. Joyful soul, therefore I uplift others.

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#24 – Clear Goals – I set 10-year goals and design a transparent plan like a movie script – instead of “new year’s resolutions” and I never rule out any goal because know I can achieve anything, but not everything. (Yes, I’ve planned till 2030)

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#25 – Integrity – What I think. What I say. What I do = Are one.

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#26 – Health – I take finally care of my Health and make it a priority. I drink only water. I am aware of my food. I am aware of my thoughts. Make myself an offer I can’t refuse: The best version I can be.

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#27 – Growth – I read and learn every day. Every day I grow and evolve.

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#28 – Be free – The reason to win this game called life – is to be free of it. To win: Learn the rules like a pro so I can break them like an artist. The best I can do is to win while being myself.

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#29 – Limited time – I value my time. I don’t do ‘coffee meetings’. Life is too short to play small and to spend time with the ‘wrong’ people. I’m not gonna live the same week a few thousand times and call that “life”. I make my life masterwork-level project and protect my most precious commodity: Time.

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#30 – How To Do Business: Give Society what it wants – at scale. Add Value to people’s life. Give Society Happiness.

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#31 – Problems – I identify problems and I do not tolerate them. I get at their root causes and eliminate them.

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#32 – Live a conscious life – Live in the Now. Meditate. A clear mind. I’m aware of my internal battle between my conscious and my subconscious mind. I want my higher self to take control more often.

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#33 – Love is all there is. There is nothing more important than family, friends and meaningful relationships. I’m a Giver. Go back and find the Inner Peace, Innocence and Awe we lost after our childhood.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”