Dream relationship: Creator & deep Connection

Creator & Connection: What we are looking in a life partner: A person who wants to grow, a creator who isn’t lazy; and whom we feel strongly connected to on many levels. If both are creators then you have a good foundation to build up a stronger connection, because evolution is in our DNA. The stronger the connection the stronger you vibe with your partner and can help each other grow. One needs both: Creation & Connection – Double-C.

Creator = Being creative, creating, going out of your comfort zone, growing & evolving – basically being pro life and unfolding your true self.

Deep Connection = Given by nature/universe and partially programming, but just initially. When people vibe on the same level/vibration. A strong bond and connection is felt on the soul level.

So what you want in your parnter is both: A person who creates. A creator of a great life, a person who wants to create him/herself, and wants to grow, to evolve. And the same person should vibe with you, meaning you want a strong bond, a strong deep connection to feel understood. If you got both – congrats, you won life!

But attention, if you have just one of both. If you have a strong connection (initially), then you have already a great foundation for that relationship. A strong connection is rare and you feel it on many levels, especially with your heart and soul. But even a strong connection can become weaker or also stronger. As everything changes in the universe, also a strong connection can change. In any direction. It can get weaker over time, if one partner will outgrow the other. By outgrowing I don’t mean specifically any area in life, neither spiritually nor physically or any materialistic way. It’s more a mix of what’s important to you. What you value. And that can be different for anyone.

Same problem happens if you are both creators, and both are growing, but there is no strong connection. You just don’t vibe. Then you may both be growing, but in different directions. You may meet at some point but then again grow in different directions and never meet again. Or you may have some low vibration connection and grow in the same direction like parallel lines, but never really be one. Those lines never meet in eternity. They may be close, but never really feel that deep connection.

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What you probably don’t want.

Now, if one person grows constantly, that person outgrows the partner, if the partner is lazy. And what happens? The connection gets weaker. Because one partner is Pro-Life; the other against life. They grow in different directions. One soul wants to get out of the Matrix, the other wants to stay in the comfort zone. But life is clear what it wants: Growth.

Life = Change = Growth = Evolution

So, that’s why being lazy isn’t about being lazy, but about using life as the gift we got to unfold our potential. And one is connected to the other.

That’s why you can have a strong connection in the beginning, but it might become weaker or get lost if one partner grows and evolves and changes his/her vibration; and the other partner doesn’t. Or you might be both creators and see just a part of your partner, but sooner or later realize that there just isn’t a strong connection and you are missing that.

As everything changes, so does also the depth of the connection and the vibration of the partners. So either you grow together or you don’t and the connection gets lost, if there was one initially.

So, what you want is both:

A strong and deep connection with a partner who loves life and wants to grow and create together with you a beautiful life.