Consistency is the key to success in life

Consistency is the difference between failure and success.

Being consistent has many great advantages:
– You build a habit
– You can measure your progress
– You become accountable
– Consistent people are the ones you can count on, you can rely on them and you want to work with them because you trust those people

It doesn’t matter if it’s to be consistent in business or when going to the gym, it’s the most important skill.

You could do the greatest job in the world for the first 3 months you got hired, and then lose your motivation and be just mediocre.

Nobody would talk about your past, but about what you deliver now.

Same for hitting the gym:
You could do two weeks of daily workouts, if you then suddenly stop doing so, all the previous work becomes nothing.

Therefore: Be consistent.

Better do less, but keep doing it consistently and then improve step by step.