Don’t take yourself too seriously, that’s why:

No news: You’re going to die one day.

  • None of the things you are worried about right now is going to matter in the long-term. None.
  • Anything that you own, will be gone as some point.
  • Any experience that you have had and will have, will be only a memory. You can’t keep anything. Just memories.
  • There is no such thing as legacy, because in a few generations nobody will care.
    • You don’t believe it? Ok – tell me the name of just one Sumerian guy.
    • It’s the earlist known civilization.
    • They invented the wheel, plow and writing
    • Invented canals and leeves to hold back the flooders for their farms/fields
    • Sumerians were famous for making fine sculptures, jewelry, music, and art.

So, what’s my recommendation?

  • Enjoy yourself.
  • Don’t worry – be happy.
  • Do something positive.
  • Share love.
  • Make someone else happy.
  • Laugh every once in a while.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Read what you love, until you love reading.
  • Find a job that feels like play to you.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.