What I saw when I could see clear

A free loving friend.

To be free, to love and to be a great friend.

That’s the meaning of my inner circle. My friends. And what we’ve built together.

It’s true – names have meanings. Literally and the ones you give them. And once you connect them, it makes so much more sense.

Ilir (Albanian name) that means “i lirë” – Free – someone who enjoys freedom, who is not possessed, oppressed or exploited, who is not enslaved; independent; liberated. Free.”

Eduard/dua – “e dua” means To love. I have a feeling of love, friendship and compassion for someone or something, I want it with all my heart”

MIK – “A friend. The one with whom we have a friendship; he who loves us kindly, helps us with all his heart and finds us in every need; an acquaintance, with whom we have close ties.”

So, the people who have been around me almost every single day for the last 7 and half years.

Ilir and Eduard.

With whom we’ve gone through bad, good, great and sad times.

With whom we’ve built MIK Group and dua.

Those names mean ‘To be free, to love and to be a friend.’

And it made sense – when I started connecting the dots of my friends and my life projects.


More explanations regarding the meaning of the Logos of ‘MIK’ and ‘dua’:

MIK Group GmbH | Werbeagentur.de
The ‘mikgroup.’ logo had always a dot in the end, and its motto was “Connect the dots” and later ‘Every dot counts’. The dot connects and is part of us. At some point, we called our little group ‘Three dots‘.
The meaning of the dua-Logo needs more explanation. The symbol of the Albanian Eagle, the handshake (“Besa*”) and the heart (indicating love) have been deliberately chosen to represent everything ‘dua’ represents.

The meaningful conversation is what connects us. Technology enables us to connect with the community. To find each other – no matter where we live, to talk and find love. *Besa is a word in the Albanian language meaning ‘a promise’, a pledge of honour. The concept of ‘Besa’ is based upon faithfulness toward one’s word. It means being loyal and showing integrity.