No coffee time

Thanks a lot for your interest in meeting me, but … I get like all the time requests for meeting ‘for a coffee’.

While I really appreciate those people, I have a problem with meeting ‘for a coffee’ – whenever I told someone I have no time for a coffee meeting, people would not be very happy about that (and probably think I am arrogant) because I just don’t want to meet them.

Therefore I created this page to explain:

no coffee

    1. I love coffee. (black, no sugar)
    2. I love people.


  1. I want to control my time and I value it.
  2. Meeting for a coffee normally does not lead to anything productive.
  3. While I did that a lot in the past, I learned that I want to value my time more and do not just do coffee meetings without a real purpose or goal.
  4. Read ‘Be Too Busy to ‘Do Coffee‘ by Naval
  5. Watch ‘Busy is the new stupid‘ with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

I am focusing on great achievements with Priana, and MIK Group.

I am working hard on those three life projects, and on my other three life projects: my three boys – and therefore I decided to not do any more coffee for the sake of doing a coffee meeting.

  • Free your time and mind
  • What people think it takes: █
  • What it really takes: █ █ ❌█ █ █ █ █

So, if you really have a great story to share, send me an email and in the meantime, let’s connect:

What I appreciate if you send an email: (hello [at]

  • Let me know who you are.
  • What are you building and how do you expect me to help you? (please be specific)
  • How would I also benefit from meeting you? Thanks for thinking in a win-win situation.