The 7 Principles of the Universe

#1 Mentalism
The Universe is Mental, meaning it is coming from the Mind of ‘the All’ (the Creator).

#2 Correspondence
As above, so below; as below, so above – meaning that there is always correspondence between all the laws and levels/dimensions of life and being.

#3 Vibration
Nothing in the universe ever rests, everything always moves, everything therefore vibrates. We’re made out of Vibration.

#4 Polarity
Everything in the universe is dual.
Everything has poles and a pair of opposites.

And now the interesting part: Everything is the same:
– Like and unlike are the same
–> Opposites are identical in their nature, just different in their degree. (Example: Warm & Cold are the same “thing”, just differentiate in their degree when measuring)

#5 Rhythm
We know anything that goes up, most come down at some point.
Everything flows, up and down, in and out, rise and fall.

Imagine the pendulum-swing – everything works like that.
You feel great and then go to a lower mood to feel better later again. Left-right-left-right.

#6 Cause and Effect
Every cause has its effect.
And every effect has its cause.
Nothing can escape this law, therefore nothing is by “coincidence”.

#7 Gender
Everything in the universe has its masculine and feminine principle, so Gender is in everything (except some people who declare they don’t).

From: The Kybalion

Why You Are Here

If you’re not sure what you are doing in life and why you are here, then here’s the answer:Β 

We are here to create.

To create experiences.

To create ourselves.

To create our reality.

We are here to create.
So, the universe can unfold itself.
So, the universe can experience itself.

That’s why we have our free will.

So we can create anything.

We are here to create.

Gratefulness leads to great people – or vice versa

I’m not sure if I am grateful because of the great people in my life or I have great people in my life because I am grateful, but it doesn’t matter that much.

My deepest gratitude goes to my teams at dua.comMIK Group and priana.

2021 was by far the most successful year in every meaning that the word “success” has for me – ever since I remember doing business (around 12 years).

MIK Group

πŸ’₯ Congratulations to the whole MIK Group team for this incredibly successful year, congrats to Eduard Luta & Mahmut Maxhuni for leading the MIK team to the most successful year in its 10-year-history.

I’m beyond what words can express.

100% growth, doubling the revenue and customer base. Growing the team and creating the strongest bond I’ve ever seen at MIK – just incredible what you guys have achieved this year!Β #RespectΒ πŸš€


πŸ’₯ Congratulations to priana which is led by my partner Ilir TΓ«rstena, who managed to create the “π˜‰π˜¦π˜΄π˜΅ 𝘱𝘭𝘒𝘀𝘦 𝘡𝘰 𝘴𝘡𝘒𝘺 π˜ͺ𝘯 𝘱𝘳π˜ͺ𝘴𝘡π˜ͺ𝘯𝘒” as one of our Airbnb guests reviewed it.

Not only that but transforming traditional rent-business into a high-class Airbnb business with only 5-star reviews and becoming a super host within a few months – with only perfect reviews, that’s Ilirs work!

He understood the needs of a Premium segment with an integrated home office. The transformation lead to 300% growth compared to last year. πŸš€

πŸ’₯ Congratulations to my hard-working team at for a great 2021. We managed to grow the user base from 100’000 users to over 300’000 registered users.

From 0 to 30’000 verified users.
From 0 revenue to over $300’000+ in revenue.
From 0 to 10’000 people who bought Premium or in-Apps.

Almost 1’000’000 App downloads. Over 1 billion App events only in 2021.

And most importantly an amazing and strong team that is going all-in to change the way globally fragmented communities connect by providing the Go-To platform for people to connect to their community through all kinds of relationships. πŸš€


πŸ’₯ Last but not least, huge congratulations to the team at AllianceBlock, congrats to Rachid AjajaMatthijs de Vries & the whole #nomercy crew for an amazing and super successful 2021.

We’re more than just proud to call you our partners, to work together and change the future of Finance & Community and give access to all people around the globe.

My deepest gratitude and forever thankful I am to Christen Oesterbye who’s been my friend, mentor, advisor and the key to unlocking everything that we achieved this year. Thank you, Christen!


What others think doesn’t matter

When you create something, do it the best way you can do it.
When you write something, write it the best way you can write it.
When you say something, say it in the best way you can say it.

And that’s it.

What other people think about it doesn’t matter much,
as long as you are doing your best.

No matter how good you are to people…
No matter how great your product or service is…
– you will always have others criticizing you.

But don’t worry about them, because those who will criticize you are always those who do less than you. Never those who are doing more.

You have the freedom to change your attitude at any time

Jerry Long was 17 when the accident occurred.

Paralyzed from his neck down. Quadriplegic.

“I broke my neck, it didn’t break me.”

His attitude says everything.
– Enrolled psychology –> Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
– Believed that through his handicap he will only enhance his ability to help others
– Saw his life as being full of meaning and purpose
– He knew that without suffering he could never have grown and achieved what he did
– 1993, was recognized on a national scale in the United States as he was named “Teacher of the Year”Β 

Jerry L. Long (mid)

Meaning can be found in many ways, even through suffering.

If you can’t change a situation that causes your suffering, then change your attitude towards it.

You have the freedom to change at any time.

“Once, after speaking to a large audience, I was asked if I ever felt sad because I could no longer walk. I replied, “Professor Frankl can hardly see, I cannot walk at all, and many of you can hardly cope with life. What is crucial to remember is this – We don’t need just our eyes, just our legs, or just our minds. All we need are the wings of our souls and together we can fly.”Β – Jerry L. Long

Love is the goal to aspire

Imagine they take away everything from you.

You have nothing.


No free will.

Nowhere to go.

No solutions in sight.

What’s left that they can’t take?

What’s left that still gives you energy and hope?

There is only one right answer, and it’s love.

It’s the ultimate and final thing that isn’t a thing that a man wants, needs, and fights for.

It is the highest we can achieve. To love and to be loved.

A person who has nothing in this world, but has love, has everything.

A person who has everything in this world, but no love, has nothing.

Love is a universal language.

Love connects beyond the physical body.

Love connects beyond this existence and to another world.

If you find love, you find the deepest meaning.

You find your inner self.

If there is a purpose, and you strive for it, you will find it.

And if there is only one thing that no one can take away from you, then it’s love, your purpose, and your inner self.