How to Build a Successful Product?

It’s no secret that bringing a new product to market is risky.

In fact, according to CB Insights, 35% of startups fail because they’re unable to find a market for their product (“No Market Need”). Given the odds, it’s important that you do everything you can to increase your chances of success. Here are three questions to ask yourself before you can start building a successful product:

1. Are you solving a REAL problem?

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Get your shit together – that’s all.

Life is too amazing to be tired of it. So get your shit together. There’s so much we can do, but we have first to get the basics right and remind ourselves what those are.

  • Daily: Invest in your health (workout, fasting and diet)
  • Daily: Invest in your mind (reading books & meditate)
  • Long-term: Build your empire (passive income via real estate, a good portfolio, and active income on something that excited you to build)
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The most entertaining outcome is the the most likely one

Yes, fully agree, but why?

Because people want it to happen. People want to be entertained. They want the thrill, the scandals, they want to feel alive through that most entertaining outcome.

That’s why Social Media is programmed to show the content which most people like as the most entertaining content.

The algorithm puts content viral that people see as most entertaining.

The rest dies unseen.

Because that’s what we want: to be entertained and to see the most entertaining outcome happen.

And just because of that it also why it most likely is the one that will happen.

It’s deeply rooted in our human collective consciousness: To be entertained, as we ‘hate’ the boring life.

And Social Media ‘got it’ and shows exactly that to us. So it’s not the fault of the big platforms that we see stupid videos all the time, it’s because we want to see it. That’s the level of human consciousness. Congrats!

It’s (not) about you

The question is not if I love you. There is no doubt about that. I do. I love you. The question is if I love myself – the one I become – when I’m with you.

VA – 27.08.2022

A realisation I had while flying from Pristina to Zurich:

It’s not about the other person. It’s not about if you like the other person or not. It matters, but it also doesn’t matter if you love the other person and how much you love the other person.

You can like them. You can love them.

But the real question is: Do you love the person you become when with them? Do you love yourself, that version of yourself, when you are with that person?

That’s the decision maker. That’s what is the benchmark wether you want to be with someone: Do you like who you become with that person? Yes or No?

Now you know.

Don’t go all-in with someone who isn’t all in with you

Don’t go all-in with someone who isn’t all in with you. Actions always speak louder than words, and if you go all in but your partner doesn’t, you’ll see that whenever your partner gets the chance to take action towards you, but doesn’t. There is always some excuse and reason he or she can’t do it.

You’ll always feel like you’re the only one trying. You need to see all-in actions from your partner for this to work. If not, don’t waste your time.

Find someone who is all in with you and will show it through their actions.

So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket with someone who isn’t doing the same. It’ll only lead to disappointment and a feeling of being unimportant.

It’s not worth it to go all-in with someone who can’t or won’t reciprocate your actions.

I’ve been there – in personal relationships and business relationships – and whenever there was an imbalance, I started feeling that the other one wasn’t all in with me. And sooner or later that brought the relationship to fall – if it was an important one.

Make sure that you and your partner both agree on the same things and you can count on each other. Red flags appear very soon, whenever it’s time to show commitment. Suddenly you see that there is not much action, not enough commitment and many many excuses and stories why they could not do X or Z.

Especially in hard times, it’s better to know who you can bet on – that will save you a lot of time, energy, and heartache.

Listen to Michael Saylor & Lex Fridman about Bitcoin & Inflation – Michael Saylor: Bitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of Money – this Podcast is pure Gold. Gives you a better understanding about Inflation (what’s happening right now), about why to invest in Crypto (Bitcoin & Co.) and what we can expect in the future. Pretty long, but worth every second. Financial education is important, doesn’t matter how much money you have.One key learning:

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Dream relationship: Creator & deep Connection

Creator & Connection: What we are looking in a life partner: A person who wants to grow, a creator who isn’t lazy; and whom we feel strongly connected to on many levels. If both are creators then you have a good foundation to build up a stronger connection, because evolution is in our DNA. The stronger the connection the stronger you vibe with your partner and can help each other grow. One needs both: Creation & Connection – Double-C.

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If you really really want it

If you really really really – like really really – want it, you’ll get it.

But be prepared for the challenges.

Be ready for the tests.
Be ready for the negative people.

Be ready for the ones who don’t believe in you.

Be also ready for the ones who actually believe in you but don’t admit it because they don’t want to see you fly and will tell you “You can’t do that.”

If you know what you want, and you’re all in, then you’ll see the challenges as what they are: to see if you really want it.

And sometimes you think you want “it”, but after the first challenge you give up, meaning that it wasn’t after all that important to you. That’s why you didn’t do it.

That’s why didn’t go all in.

The test showed what it meant to you.

Not much.

So, how much do you really want it?

Whatever “it” is.

Go all in or go home.

If you do really want to get somewhere in life, then say it, write it and mean it.

“I’m all in. No matter what.
I’m all in. No mercy.”

Good luck.

Truth and (Self)-Love Challenge

Have you ever tried to just say the truth – no matter what?

Have you ever tried to respond only with love – no matter what?

It’s an experience you want to experience.

Saying the truth and responding with love – is actually self-love.

You know you deserve to say the truth.

And you know you deserve to give love without expecting it.

I challenge you to challenge yourself:

  • One full week of only full truth.
  • No lies. No white lies. No half-truths. No matter what.
  • Whatever someone says to you, answer with love.
  • Whatever someone says to you, be the kindest version you can be.
  • Of course, you’ll not let someone hurt you, there are borders, but don’t respond with hate, don’t attack back, don’t react – just let them be and just respond with love. That’s it.

And experience what happens in your life – how everything starts to change. For the better.

Maybe first for the worse, because people can’t handle your truth.

Maybe some people will be hurt, but they will respect you for standing to your truth.

Maybe some people can’t handle your love and kind way.

That’s normal, they are not used to get love in response. But do not let that bring you down.

Keep being kind, being being lovely – not in a fake way, but in a real way.

It takes some time to get used to it for you, too.

But you can definitely do it.

Give it a try and see how your world starts changing.

Love & Truth – the only path.